Our Story

No Labels

We are not a luxury watch company.

Our designs are not inspired by the Swiss Alps, the Himalayas, the industrial revolution or anything like that.

We are a simple, humble watch company made up of people who really enjoy minimalist, classic designs. We believe watches should be balanced, uncluttered, and within reach of the everyday watch enthusiast.

There are numerous watch brands out there that subscribe to the minimalism design philosophy. Some have grown to international prominence. Unfortunately, many of them compromise on the design to insert their branding logo, quite unnecessarily, somewhere on the watch face, watch buckle, strap, or packaging.

That is not our philosophy.

We believe you are more than the brands you wear. There is no need to squeeze in a brand logo into an otherwise standard, stock design. You don't need a brand logo to represent your values, your lifestyle or what you stand for. You don't need Labels.

Hence, we set out to create the No Label Watch Co. We feature watches with long-lasting, classic appeal, without any branding logos anywhere on the face of the watch. Most do not even have logos on the watch buckle, strap or back case. Our less-is-more attitude towards contemporary design is reflected in our collections as well as our business model: Great products, straight to your doorstop from the people who made them, at a price you will agree to.

No unnecessary branding. No fancy packaging. No Labels.