Why No Label?


We are a humble, small family business, who have been around since 2018. While you may not get the branded indulgence of big name brands, you will get the following benefits when you shop with us:
  • Personalized Service. We do not outsource our customer service to people who are not vested in the business. Hence, with us, you are guaranteed personalized after-sales service from the people who take pride in this venture.
  • Free Shipping. All our watches come with free shipping, no minimum order required. We keep our pricing simple and transparent, as things should be.
  • Shipping Guarantee. For the vast majority of times, our items are shipped to you without mishap. However, international shipping can sometimes be unpredictable. That is why if your item ever gets lost in the shipping process, we will send you a brand new replacement, at our expense. We bear the risk of missing shipments, so that you can shop with peace of mind. 
  • One Year Warranty. We screen our manufacturing partners regularly, and wear the watches ourselves. Hence, we are able to provide a One Year Warranty against manufacturing defects in the movements of all our watches. Find out more here.

Our watches are shipped straight from the factory, avoiding duplicative shipping costs. We do not engage in an expensive re-branding exercise. Instead, we spend our time and effort in researching various manufacturers and the quality of their products. We try out the watches for ourselves, wear them regularly, and ensure that we are happy with their aesthetics, quality and reliability before selling the models to our customers. And it doesn't stop here. We continually screen our manufacturing partners, and will drop them if their standards deteriorate. That way, you are assured of a quality, beautiful and no-frills timepiece.

No unnecessary branding. No fancy packaging. No Labels.